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Hello folks. I believe I'll finally be able to make a full update, so hold onto your seats and get compfy, cause this might get long lol
First of all, yes, it's my Yamiversary! :love: It's been 6 whole years... o_o;; Wow. I can hardly believe it, I feel so old! In case no one knows the story, I basically went a little crazy one weekend, so I declared it the weekend I began to worship Yami lol It's a long story XD Oh and yes, I called it lonely because all my friends are gone, so I've had to sit here at home alone, watching Yugioh.
Speaking of which~~ My Kiriban was caught! I was so worried no one would get it, but I saw it myself! :w00t: Congratulations to :iconyamispharaohess: for catching my special Kiriban of 9503!… (Does everyone get it now? lol) As her prize, I had an option of either a print of any 5x7 picture of her choice or a 3 month subscription, and she chose the subscription, so congratulations Kibou! :clap:
IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THE NOVEL, THEN READ THE VERY END. Starting with the :new: Thanks! (but click the links so you can see pics!!)

Soo, where do I start? My gosh, I never even talked about Fanime, did I? :faint: I am behind! Well, that weekend was pretty awesome! :icontsukasakm: and I skipped school (hehe) and drove up to meet :iconnickchao: and we hung out all night! :boogie: We went to the mall, and we went to the boardwalk for some rides and then we stayed up late at my bro's house playing Imaginiff and pool. Then we decided to sleep on the floor together (BAD IDEA) I was soo freezing! We should have stolen the beds >.> Anyway, the next day we unfortuantely had to part from Nick (NickChao ), I got lost coming back from his house for about 40 minutes lawl but Kayla (tsukasakm )and I finally made it to our hotel room! We were so excited! That night we made it to a voice acting panel, oh it was soo much fun! Then we checked out some of the masquerade before heading to bed. The next morning I spent about an hour trying to fix my DMG costume lol and we finally made it out to walk around and check out the stores and the artist alley. We had some YGO piccies and went to a East Coast Swing dance lesson and got ready for the Black and White Ball! Soo much fun! And it was a totally legit ball like with real dancing and songs, none of that trashy stuff they have at school dances. :D Plus I got to Waltz with a super amazingly cute guy :aww: I could hardly believe it! But we were a little sad cause we didn't have a guy to dance with most of the time, so we decided we were dragging a guy friend along next time. (Nick, we're looking at you! :giggle: ) The last day was sad, but we bought some last minute things and still had fun!
You can look at my PICS here!…

Let's see. Next was the end of school. My friends and I ended the year with a bang, I'd say. LOL After school, we all piled in my car and cranked up the music while driving around town lawl We basically went in circles XD (it's a small town) and the round-a-bout! That was fun. Then we played some video games at my house before moving to one of theirs and having a sleep-over. Except we stayed up till 5 in the morning when we all walked out to the beach! XD

Summer! Maaaan, summer went by waaay too fast! T_T Of course, I went to Europe, which you guys all saw. It was a pretty good trip. I mean, it was super cool getting to see everything, but I was really lonely and stuff happened... It would take me way too long to talk about everything. But I'd say Paris was definitely my favorite. Mostly because I know French, so it was exciting understanding signs and seeing things in person that I've learned about. But I looved the Eiffel Tower :love: so beautiful. Plus, there was the Louvre and I went through the Ancient Egyptian exhibits and omg I was going crazy in there X3 I was like in heaven. And Versailles was pretty darn sweet too. Really pretty and (like my God, I think there's a rule in Europe where there can't be an inch of ceiling left uncovered X3) we were lucky to see the fountains on in the garden.
There was a lot of crazy stuff like the driving was insanely scary lol and the guys are extremely direct! And all the amazing artwork and architecture in buildings made me think that America was pretty pathetic in that area lol There was also this crazy old lady in London that told us we had no culture and we were vile just because we were from California o_o; what they hey? But our tour guide knew a bunch of Harry Potter stuff in London <3 so that was sweet. Stonehenge was pretty cool to see in person, but not the most exciting thing. I liked the Castle of London, all medieval-y and stuff X3
You can check out some PICS here!…

After Europe there was a bunch of exciting things in July. Like 2 officer retreats!! My chapter FFA officer team went to a water park and planned stuff, then my sectional officer team had a sleepover and planned stuff! Lots of fun! And Harry Potter 6!! I went to the midnight premeir! Which was really exciting cause I've never been to a midnight premier before! :D It was really good too! As long as I don't think about the book anyway lol I saw it again with my friends after we had our own little HP marathon, whoo!
Also, I went to a Chuck Wicks concert! :excited: OMG it was amazing. There were 4 girls that went before him and it was all for $5! Of course, I had to pay my brother the gas to get up there >.> but still! and and and like omg I got to get a pic with Chuck and touch him! Ahh! PIC here!…

Then there was the Fair. Ugghh, I hate fair week. So I took my lamby to the fair. My lamb was the biggest pain in the butt, ever! During market showing, I could barely even hold it still T_T Thankfully I got to take tsukasakm a couple days X3 That was fun, we looked at stuff, swung on the amazing porch swings, and looked at the anime booth, and went on rides! Oh yeah, and stared at the amazingly hot guys in the lemonade booth :drool: So showmanship, my lamb did a little better, but I didn't make it to the final round. and finally, auction day. I sold it for $6 a pound. Which I wasn't too happy about, but ah well. I made about $200 I think. Oh ya!! and I got to talk on the radio! :w00t: Which was awesome! I got to talk about FFA and stuff! X3 Too bad no one was actually listening to me though lol
Anyway, PIC here of mah lamby!…

So after all that, I fiiinally got my butt together and started my summer homework T_T Which I didn't actually finish until the first day of school lol (yeah, I'm off to a great start) Soo yeah... like OMG I'M A SENIOR! :faint: It's kinda scary lol It's the beginning of the end! So I've had major scheduling problems this first week, but I think I've finally got it figured out, although I had to swtich from AP stats to AP calculus (man, I'm scared) and I had to give up my free period T_T all so I could get into ag leadership. *sigh* But as it stands, here's my schedule now. Physics, AP Calculus, Econ, AP English, Theatre, and Ag. Leadership. Whoo, hopefully I'll survive.

Yup, well I think everyone's caught up now. (Did anyone make it this far?)
:new: I do have more YUGIOH NEWS! It's on tv again!! That's right, they started the ORIGINAL amazing Yugioh on tv again!! CW4Kids has put it in their schedule for Saturdays on a 1 HOUR BLOCK at 9:00 AM! YEEEESSS! Oh and remember how they were being cool and trying to put the original jap YGO up with subs? They actually did it! Except for I think they're having problems with it right now. But it was there!

Finally, I need to thank Nick :iconnickchao: and Ree :iconart-lover-ree: for being there for me when I really really needed them. I've been going through a really hard time... :sadangel: (seriously, I think that emoticon defines me lol) and I've been bugging them like crazy, so I need to thank them. Thank you guys both so so so much. :heart: Hopefully, I'll be able to pull myself together soon. Cause right now I HURT.
I'm in a sort of funky slump, and I feel like everything's wrong, but it'll hopefully be ok soon.

Well, if you made it this far, congratulations, here's a cookie--> :cookie:
Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate my Atem anniversary. I'm going to try to catch up asap!


United States
Hi! My name is Angelina and I love being here! I'm 17 and from California.
I fell in love with anime basically because my brother forced it upon me... but I'd say it turned out well! My favorites are the perfect mix of action and romance, but really Yu-Gi-Oh (the original) all the way!
If school isn't totally taking over my life, I'm usually here at DA and AIM, or playing video games. (My Wii is my love) <3 I love country music, so don't be a hater. FFA is another big part of my life, because it's completely awesome.
Well, anything you need to know about me is all up here and don't be shy about shooting me a message; I love making new friends!

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Country! (and proud of it!)
Favourite photographer: pumpkinking131
Favourite style of art: anime
Wallpaper of choice: Umm something with Atem on it!
Favourite cartoon character: Atem! (he's anime but hey!) and Spongebob
Personal Quote: "Where's my knight!?" ~my 13th birthday

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